Video Mapping Cubensis Project


Cubensis Project produces integral production for Mapping events using the latest technology.

3D Mapping, Holography, Car Mapping, Video Mapping, production and development of Custom Content.

Learn more in Cubensis’ Mapping Products Catalogue.


Cubensis Project has developed the tools and technology to create an exclusive Digital Painting catalogue.

Digital Graffiti, Laser Graffiti, Light Painting, design and drawing Apps… are just a few examples.

Events, Performances, Shows, Fairs, Parties …Digital Painting is suitable in many enviroments.

Digital Paint Cubensis Project
Azafata Virtual Cubensis Project


The virtual hostess is the ideal canvas for high-impact advertising campaigns and a spectacular display for corporate and institutional presentations.

Cubensis specialices in the creation of virtual hostesses since 2010


Cubensis is a film video service provider for its clients. Corporate Videos, Advertising, 360º Videos, Motion Graphics, Stereoscopic 3D…

Producción Audiovisual Cubensis Project
Kinect Cubensis Project


Find out how Kinect can help you boost your events, exhibitions, in retail and improve the diffusion of your products and brand.


Cubensis Project specializes in holographic solutions:

Holo Pro, Pepper’s Ghost, Scenographic Fabrics, Holographic Pyramids and Totems.

Discover our product catalog in our Holography section.

Holografía Cubensis Project
Azafata Virtual Cubensis ProjectMuseos e Instalaciones Interactivas Cubensis Projects


The creation and installation of interactive applications for museums is one of Cubensis’s specialties.

Always looking for how to surprise and implement the latest technologies.

Tell us your ideas and Cubensis Project will find the way to implement them.


Cubensis Project implements Augmented Reality technology to bring to life to its catalog of Mixed Reality solutions.

Augmented Reality Games, Apps, Architecture, Industry and Design.

Realidad Aumentada Cubensis Project
Magic Book Cubensis Project


Cubensis reinterprets the uses of technology. With the Magic Book the basis of Augmented Reality have been given a twist to merge it with Mapping.

Uniting these two techniques to illustrate a book and bring it to life.


Cubensis Project re-thinks game concepts and mechanics to keep the alive.

Activity Gamification and Interactive Experiences are one of the core products in Cubensis’ catalog.

Gamificación Cubensis Project
Virtual Reality Cubensis Project


We create Oculus and HTC Vive Virtual Reality experiences.

We develop 3D real-time experiences and 3D 360º videos.


Cubensis Project is a specilized developper in Apps for smartphones and tablets both Android and iOS.

Tell us your idea and we help you to write it into an App.

Gamificación Cubensis Project